Sam Atkinson
Guitar & Lead Vocals

Sam's musical journey began when he played trumpet for the school band. He sang tenor in the school glee club and studied music composition. Sam took up the guitar at the age of fourteen. After retiring from the Navy he founded Rebel Records and produced thirteen recordings for use by Square Dance Callers. After retiring from pastoring, Sam founded the Grand Ole Gospel; a music ministry. Sam's passion is serving the Lord in the ministry of the Gospel. "Do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him." Colossians 3:17

John Powell
Bass & Sound Engineer

John's first love in music is Bluegrass but also likes old time music. Just listening to bluegrass wasn't enough so he took up the guitar to add to his enjoyment. John soon developed a keen interest in the stand-up bass. He wanted to become more versatile so now he also plays the electric bass and is often ask to set in with other groups.


Ollie Smith

Adding harmonica music to a bluegrass environment can be tricky. Ollie is a prime example of how it's done! Fast or slow, lead or backup, he is 'right on' with the many different harmonicas he plays.

Jody Fabik
Rhythm Guitar,
Mandolin & Vocals

Jody plays rhythm guitar most of the time, and is quite proficient on the mandolin. He is also more than happy to step in on bass and even play banjo when the need arises. Years of playing in different praise bands and playing music with friends have taught him to be flexible. Being available to help out wherever he's needed is the position he enjoys being in the most.


Banjo, Guitar,
Mandolin & Sound

Danny Rogers loves playing Gospel Bluegrass Music. He has been pickin' since 1984 and still enjoys learning new aspects of music. Over the years, Rabbit has been in many bands as emcee and working with sound. One of his earliest memories of banjo playing was before stepping in the classroom for his first lesson, he stopped to pray and made a promise to God: "If You will help me learn to play this banjo, I'll never play it in a bar or tavern" and he has kept that promise. Rabbit is the newest member of SonRise.



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