Live and in person with instruments in hand! Old Time Country & Bluegrass style Gospel Music for your enjoyment! On the 4th Friday of each month, the Grand Ole Gospel is hosted by Englewood Baptist Church and SonRise is happy to be a part of such a wonderful music ministry!

This page is kept current with updates and necessary changes so you can know in advance who will be on stage. SonRise usually starts the night with our music at 7pm. Then around 7:30, another music group (details below - on this page) will take the stage for about 45 minutes or so, bringing you more of that good ole time music.

You are invited to come enjoy the evening with us. There is no charge to get in. We have a good time with the music then head across the sidewalk to the next building for refreshments. You, your family & guests are invited to share in this awesome fellowship!


Englewood Baptist Church
5675 Kennerly Road
Jacksonville, FL 32207

April 26th
from St. George, Georgia
Featuring Larry & Sandy Graham

Notes to be posted.

May 24th
Rachel Rene
from Jacksonville, Florida

Notes to be posted.

June 28th
Bill Bennett & Sawyerwood
from Northeast, Florida

Notes to be posted.

Additional details on our schedule


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